The founders of Ding Oil International Trading Company had worked and developed professional technology of lubricants and chemical industry over 20 years before setting Ding Oil. With many years’ expertise experience, Ding Oil designs, formulates and offers our customers with outstanding performance lubricants, additives, and industrial oils for automotive, industrial, motorcycle and racing applications. From constantly develop the technique, our lubricant oils meet for car racing requirements. Today Ding Oil has successfully established up the reliable reputation in automotive and industry.

Ding Oil strives to manage business with the integrity, honor and respect to others. Proud to provide good quality products such as lubricant oils, OEM oils, industrial oils and chemical additives and reliable service.

In addition, Ding Oil also provide OEM service which include formulate, develop and supply tailor-made products for automotive and industry application and additives. Our experts are happy to discuss all customers’ individual demands. The tailor-made products not only deliver greater performance but more importantly help the customers improve their productivity and save cost. We put your needs with the right lubricant/blending oils.

Besides the research and development of engine lubricants, Ding Oil also invests a lot of money and resources to develop products in other fields such as transmission and industrial applications. Ding Oil always dedicates to upgrade the innovation to meet and exceed the customer’s needs and expectations. We do not satisfied until we keep your needs move in on, for more information, please contact us.